If you suspect you have found a bug in OJB, follow these steps:

  1. Check [http://cvs.apache.org/viewcvs.cgi/db-ojb/release-notes.txt?view=markup release notes], search the issue tracking system and [http://db.apache.org/ojb/mail-archives.html OJB Mail Archives] to see if your problem is a known issue.

  2. Subscribe to OJB User List by mailing MailTo(ojb-user-subscribe AT SPAMFREE apache DOT org). Post your question to the list and ask other users if they have a work-around or fix for your problem.

  3. If you are starting to work on a patch and want feedback, subscribe to OJB Developers List by mailing MailTo(ojb-dev-subscribe AT SPAMFREE apache DOT org) and post your ideas there.

  4. If you have a patch ready, open a new issue in the issue tracking system.

Issue Tracker

Currently, the OJB project is migrating issues from Scarab to JIRA. During this process, it might be better to only discuss your issues on the mailing lists and not file a report as stated above. The migration process should be completed in March 2005, after which a link to JIRA will be on the OJB website and Wiki.