Q: What is the release schedule?

A: There is no fixed schedule. new public releases are made available each 4 to 8 weeks.

Q: Hi all! [mehmet.sariyar@rizit.at @ 04.01.09:15:55:43 wrote] Although tried any modifications described in the "how-to's", I wasn't already able to build up an inheritance using concept of setting superclasses primary-key as primary-and-foreign-key of the subclass. Everything is well functioning, the primitive fields of the superclass are been loaded together with the loaded subclass. BUT reference-descriptors and collection-descriptiors described in the super-class will be ignored, not give damn about them!

Here a look-like :

<class-descriptor class="A" table="A">



<class-descriptor class="B" table="B">


Does anyone have any experience with CONCEPT#3 of Inheritance O/R-Mapping ?

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