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Goals for OJB 1.1

  • I think "native" JDO support should be in it -- /JDOSupport
  • out-of-the-box support for storing primitive types. -- /PrimitiveTypes

  • Better support for all kind of Java Collections and Maps. -- /CollectionsAndMaps

  • completing the Pevayler based PB implementation. -- /PrevaylerBroker

  • clear separation of API and SPI parts. In the ATM we this already, having it in the other layers as well ease the maintenance process, as OJB developers we'll immediately see which parts can be changed without changing parts of the API. /ApiSpiSeparation

  • full support mixing of mapping strategies. -- /MixingMappingStrategies

  • support a real mapping of one class to multiple tables. -- /OneClassMultipleTables

  • some restructuring would be nice ... e.g. move the reversedb stuff to it's own src dir and jar -- /OJBTools
  • use jakarta-commons packages (e.g. logging and configuration) /UseCommons

  • i'm playing with oracle spatial at the moment ... not sure if there is a way to support stuff like this .. but it would be nice ;-) /OracleSpatial

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