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The Tutorial has been updated for Torque-3.1!

If you find any problems with the Tutorial you can list them below.

The example at the bottom of the Peers Howto (On Criterion) should probably read like this:


Criteria crit = new Criteria();

Criteria.Criterion a1 = crit.getNewCriterion(ABC.A, new Integer(1), Criteria.LESS_THAN);

Criteria.Criterion b2 = crit.getNewCriterion(ABC.B, new Integer(2), Criteria.GREATER_THAN);

Criteria.Criterion a5 = crit.getNewCriterion(ABC.A, new Integer(5), Criteria.GREATER_THAN);

Criteria.Criterion b3 = crit.getNewCriterion(ABC.B, new Integer(3), Criteria.LESS_THAN);



Note the conversion from int to Object in the Criterion. - JR (my first edit!)

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