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Command for downloading Torque is:

maven plugin:download -DartifactId=maven-torque-plugin -DgroupId=torque -Dversion=3.2

Should be:

mvn plugin:download -DartifactId=maven-torque-plugin -DgroupId=torque -Dversion=3.2

At least on win xp

I believe the above comment (use 'mvn' instead of 'maven') is for using Maven2 instead of Maven1. Torque (at least according to the docs as of Oct, 2006) uses Maven1 (ideally, Maven 1.0.2). So if you have to use "mvn" instead of "maven", you may have the wrong version of Maven installed.

Installation instructions for Maven 1.0.2 are on the maven site


I have no problem using this tutorial .. it work fine... but with the 3.2 version of torque.... the Maven 1 plugin for the version 3.3 (that said in the last tutorial tutorial its sipose to be ) it's not in the ibiblio maven repository ... --MatiasGel

Trying to download the torque plugin always failed with missing artifacs from repository, it always returned http 301 status code (moved permanently). So doing some investigations on ibiblio I found that they are moving some content to To solve this I created the ${user.home}/ file with this line on it:


After that all the artifac dependencies downloaded just fine.

In addition, if you want to use Torque 3.3, it is not available on the ibiblio repository, but the 3.3RC1 is there, I haven't used torque since 3.2 so I will go with the 3.3RC1 this time.


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