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Please add comments for [http://db.apache.org/torque/tutorial/step4.html Step 4 of the Torque tutorial] below. Please add comments for [[http://db.apache.org/torque/tutorial/step4.html|Step 4 of the Torque tutorial]] below.

User comments for Step 4 of the Torque Tutorial

Please add comments for Step 4 of the Torque tutorial below. You must be logged into the wiki to edit this page.

There's a version mismatch for village in steps 4 and 6.

Step 4 sets up village-2.0-dev-20030825.jar in the project.xml like this:

{{{ <dependency>

  • <artifactId>village</artifactId> <groupId>village</groupId> <version>2.0-dev-20030825</version>

  • </dependency>}}}

But Step 6 uses village-2.0.jar, resulting in a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError error:

  • java -cp classes:lib/avalon-framework-4.1.4.jar:...deleted stuff...:lib/village-2.0.jar com.kazmier.Bookstore

I changed the project.xml to 2.0 and everything worked:

  • <version>2.0</version>

very nice tutorial! very nicely organized.

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