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= Welcome to the DB Torque Wiki =

This wiki is part of the [[http://wiki.apache.org/general/|big Apache Wiki Farm]].

= What is Torque? =

Torque is a persistence layer. Torque generates all the database resources required by your application and includes a runtime environment to run the generated classes.
Torque was developed as part of the [[http://jakarta.apache.org/turbine/|Jakarta Turbine Framework]]. It is now decoupled and can be used by itself. It has also migrated from Apache Jakarta to Apache DB.

The best place to get started with Torque is to visit http://db.apache.org/torque/. For questions and project updates, subscribe to the [[http://db.apache.org/torque/mail-lists.html|Torque Mailing Lists]] or search this third-party [[http://www.nabble.com/Apache-DB---Torque-Users-f119.html|archive]] hosted by [[http://www.nabble.com|Nabble]].

= Documentation =

 * GettingTorqueToWork - An ever-growing list of typical problems and solutions to help people just getting started with Torque.
 * FrequentlyAskedQuestions
 * HarderTorqueFaq - Additional FAQ entries covering some of the more complex aspects of Torque.
 * UnitTestingWithTorque - Strategies for unit testing code that uses Torque.
 * [[PostgreSQLFAQ]] - Frequently Asked Questions about using Torque with PostgreSQL.
 * [[OracleFAQ]] - Frequently Asked Questions about using Torque with Oracle.
 * TutorialErrata - Aspects of the Torque Tutorial that require updating.

= External resources =

Articles about Torque

 * [[http://www.developer.com/java/article.php/1457081|Installing and Using the Torque Object Mapper]] - By James M. Turner
 * [[http://www.java201.com/resources/browse/44-all.html|Torque Resources]] - Articles, Examples, HOW-TOs, Tutorials.

Unofficial, externally maintained howtos

 * http://g42.org/programming/torque/TorqueHowto.html - A guide written by "Geoff42". Gives a brief overview of how to get started with Torque
 * http://users.volja.net/amanita1/ - Torque Example Application by Ales Vaupotic

= Forward Planning =

 * NextRelease - Plans for the next release of Torque.
 * TorqueFuture - Where to go from here.

= Can I contribute to this site? =

As with all Wikis, this site is maintained by the users of Torque. '''Feel free''' to add your own additions to the Wiki. Make a page and add it to the list above. In order to do so, create a wiki user account using the UserPreferences link at the top right corner of the page.

'''Remember:''' It's your participation that helps make this site useful.

= 'Special' Wiki pages =

  '''EventStats/HitCounts''' - '''EventStats/UserAgents''' - '''SystemInformation'''