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There is a saying that every three global apparel exports are made in China have one, but in Europe and the United States are hard to find a Chinese brand-name clothing. U.S. "Business Week" will be selected each year, "the world's most valuable 100 brands," but the figures of Chinese brands has never happened here. Occupy 30% of global market share of Chinese ties, the profit is less than 5% of the world; production accounts for 80% of China's watch, the average export price of 1.3 U.S. dollars, while the average export price of Swiss watches have up to 329 U.S. dollars ... ... in the global brand competition today, we also create their own enterprises in China's national brand, brand strategy in the end, but how to play? Our brands and international brands Where is the gap between what? Professor Lang will talk through examples of China's industrial chain issues; through vivid metaphor to explain the nature of advertising; with humorous language parsing PRADA known brands such as core values. Phase II, "Inventory 2007 - Financial hot words" CPI, the deposit reserve ratio, interest rates, appreciation of Renminbi, the currency policy ... ... the 07 used in high frequency financial hot words what does that mean? People and businesses in the end they are what intricate relationship? In this program, Professor Zhong Lang Xianping economists with a unique perspective on the financial hot spots by 2007, "hot words" way to do a summary and comb. III, "Inventory 2007 - Real Estate Key words" real estate industry in 2007 was not a calm year. Professor Lang will use the "up", "up", "listing", and "means" four words from the developers, the market, the people and the government to explain aspects of the real estate market trends in 2007 and the 2008 Real Estate Market Forecast. Phase IV, "Inventory 2007 - the stock market through the figures" 2007 China's stock market has created unprecedented market strength, it also brings a record for a series of astonishing data. The Shanghai index's record high point of 6124 points; base the number reached 110 million people, what is behind these figures the deeper meaning? Stock code 601 857 for the oil market, a market pressure on the experienced, what led to this situation? Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Rail 220 000 000 000 financing options outstanding, which kind of contact with the stock market? Professor Lang Chinese stock market and foreign stock markets through the comparison of the phenomenon to see through the essence of the economy in 2007 behind the promoter of the stock market. Fifth, "economists see" Soldier Attack "" In 2007, a Chinese military life as the theme of the TV series "Soldier Attack" a screen hit TV show, but also caused a lot of viewers in the fiery comments. Play the hero from an ordinary peasant youths to grow into a tough good soldiers, their experience of pain and glory of the character to the people left a deep impression. This TV is able to move a large number of viewers, in addition to plot moving, well-made other than which also contains a deeper reason for this? In addition to the vast military camp, the prevailing sense of the reality of the commodity society, the drama embodied in the ideological content is able to provide us with some useful enlightenment? This program, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Professor Lang from the unique perspective of our analysis and interpretation of the cultural phenomenon behind mass complex. The sixth issue of "Do not fly and see in Hong Kong," Who is our largest "landlord"? Why is a regional need three colors of the taxi? What can be achieved without widening the road vehicles unimpeded? Fast-paced, densely populated modern cities to maintain orderly Where is the secret? This fascinating city of Hong Kong, Professor Lang inventive, from a seemingly small pieces of examples around you describe the community the true face of the legal system. Seventh "to Hong Kong school, you know how much? "When the number of mainland students to give up the choice of Hong Kong Tsinghua University, Peking University, who in the end choose how a challenge? 400,000 yuan of tuition fees paid, they can get? One had just arrived from the Mainland can not imagine how the students will face difficulties? As Schools in Hong Kong - Chinese University of Hong Kong, Professor Lang will open their hearts to heartfelt words for you over to help, reading the real situation in Hong Kong universities. Eighth, "When the ads into the elevator," When our life, video ads everywhere, these advertisers will be widely welcomed it? In the elevator, you will choose to do boring, boring, or choose to see ads? Focus Media has been a smash hit How to seize the gray elevator advertising opportunities? Professor Lang from the current unique perspective, interpretation elevator video ads are vital to the success of the two.[[http://www.converse-shoes1.com]] Wholesale converse shoes