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Within the db project there are several generation tasks

It would be good to join forces and create one general generator

Here's a wishlist

  • general
    • generate sql for a specific db
    • setup a database
    • insert data to the db
    • generate docs
  • OQL (externalize SQL queries)
    • generate wrapper (factory)classes for finder methods, to abstract away from the implementation: EJB 2.x vs. OJB
    • generate factory implementation for EJB 2.x (the stubs + descriptor)
    • generate factory implementation for OJB
  • torque
    • generate the om/peer classes
    • generate om/peer classes using ojb
  • ojb
    • generate an om + repository files
  • turbine
    • generate vm templates + java code, so a prototype can be generated based on the dbmodel
  • swing
    • generate a prototype (something like the autoform function in m$ access)
  • generator
    • store the models in xml files or in a database
    • a nice gui

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