This report has been sent on June 21 2004 and remains here for archiving purposes only

Excalibur got off to a silent start! With Greg's message not making it to the committers mailing list at first, a few days went by inactively. It then took us and infrastructure the better part of two weeks to get all the neccessary infrastructure in place. Then it took some more time to get everyone on the mailing lists and set up using svn (which is new for most excalibur developers). Infrastructure bits that have been set up now include:

Development of excalibur (which had come to a near full-stop as part of avalon) is now slowly recommencing. Long-awaited bug fixes and feature additions are slowly drippling in. Discussion is just starting on the medium-term and long-term goals surrounding our codebase (besides the obvious goal of maintainance of the existing, mature code). Some of our committers haven't been active together for a long time, so high anticipation and enthusiasm are coupled with careful re-acquaintance.

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