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this report has been sent and remains here for archiving purposes only

  • From: Leo Simons
  • Reply-To: Excalibur PMC
  • Subject: Excalibur PMC Board Report

This is the december board report for the excalibur project.

  • we added a new committer: Leo Sutic. (Leo has previously been active within the avalon project.)
  • we added a new committer: Marcus Crafter. (Marcus has previously been active within the avalon project.)
  • we took over responsibility of some codebases from the avalon project:
    • Avalon-Framework
    • Logkit
    • Cornerstone
    migration of these codebases to the excalibur project has been initiated. Some things (like updating some parts of our website) still need to be finished.
  • thanks to a lot of help from the gump community excalibur is now building much better in nightly gump runs.
  • there were no changes in PMC composition and no releases.

best regards,

Leo Simons on behalf of the Excalibur PMC

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