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  • From: J Aaron Farr
  • Reply-To: Excalibur PMC
  • Subject: Excalibur PMC Board Report

This is the June Board report for the Excalibur project.

  • Leo Simons stepped down as PMC Chair. J Aaron Farr was appointed as new chair in April.
  • no new committers.
  • no new PMC members.
  • no releases (yet). Shash Chatterjee has been working on getting everything in place for the next release.
  • most activity has been minor bug fixing and cleaning up/tagging the repository for the next release.

In summary, things are _very_ quiet in Excalibur at the moment. Most of the committers seem to be rather involved in other activities at the moment with little effort going into the next release.

best regards,

J Aaron Farr on behalf of the Excalibur PMC

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