Excalibur Quarterly Report for September 2007


Rumors of Excalibur's death have, apparently, been exaggerated. We've had a relatively active quarter following our last fairly active quarter with more bug-fix releases and new committers and PMC members added to the project. Most of our activity is coming from outside the original core of Avalon/Excalibur developers. Instead, we're seeing activity from committers of projects which have a dependency on Excalibur code. Not wanting to leave these projects waiting for Excalibur folks to wake up, we've been adding any warm bodies who show up willing to help as committers and PMC members.

With this in mind, I've felt Excalibur could be better served with a VP who could focus on the project more than I can at the moment. I've notified the board of my resignation and the Excalibur PMC has voted to recommend Carsten Ziegeler as the new PMC Chair. Carsten has followed Avalon and Excalibur for many years and has a clear understanding of the project's history and the dependencies other Apache projects have on our libraries. Assuming the resolution passes, this should be my last report as Excalibur VP.

best regards,

J Aaron Farr on behalf of the Excalibur PMC