How do you use Excalibur? Here are some answers from the Excalibur Community:

Use of the Avalon Framework

Use of Excalibur Fortress Container

I use Fortress for server-side daemon processes such as gateways or for Windows NT services. Fortress lets me put together a little "server" process rather quickly or extend an existing server just by adding a few components. Most of the services involve handling various binary network protocols and then passing them over to a database or a JMS queue. We've also used Fortress for services that pick up serial port traffic from devices like barcode scanners. -- AaronFarr

We use Fortress as a base container for our product which can be compared to the workflow systems. It consist of two applications, one server-side and one client-side. The server-side application called PCM Engine is utilizing Fortress to assebmly our components, and to create pluggable architecture (we have own classloaders and subcontainers). The client-side application is utilizing Fortress mainly to obtain transparent access (we have own transparent rmi) to remote services provided by the PCM Engine. We also use some of the excalibur components (datasource, pool, monitor). Unfortunately some of them are not sufficient to our needs. For example we are replacing cornerstone-scheduler with the scheduling services provided in new java.util.concurrent -- KazimierzPogoda

Use of Excalibur Components

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