This tutorial will get you up and running with Excalibur Fortress. We'll first download a full binary distribution and run the provided example.


You'll need:

Step One: Download the Distribution

First, download the Fortress binary distribution:

Now, unzip the distribution to a directory, for example, your home directory. You should now have:


Step Two: Run the Example

Open a terminal and move into the platform directory. You can run the example by:

About the Binary Distribution

The binary distribution provides a fully working Fortress 1.2 install. All of the necessary jars and libraries are in the /lib directory. Executable scripts for running Fortress as a daemon or NT service are in the /bin directory (these use the Java Service Wrapper). Example configuration files are in /conf.

NOTE: this binary distribution is ALPHA quality at the moment. Please test and report any issues to the Excalibur mailing list.

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