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This is the documentation site for the Apache Excalibur project. This site is a community wiki and the entire Excalibur community is invited to help maintain it. Feel free to change any part of this site if you think it improves things. In particular, we'd very much appreciate it if you help document the answers to questions asked on the mailing list on the FrequentlyAskedQuestions page. Notifications of all changes you make will be sent to the excalibur scm mailing list, so we'll be aware of your changes and we'll happily correct any small mistakes you may make!

Please sign in! In order to help reduce spam and give credit where credit is due, you are now required to sign in before you can edit any of the wiki pages. Please create an account for yourself (it takes no more than 20 seconds) and log in by visiting the UserPreferences page. Thanks!


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