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printing: Graphic Arts / Graphic Communication
The use of printed version of the original manuscript or other means to transfer the information by the printing of the technology
Printing is China's four great inventions in ancient one. It and the compass, gunpowder, paper called a total of the four great inventions in ancient China.

In the words engraved on the pottery Photo

The invention of printing in China is the ancient wisdom of the representatives of the working people, and its contribution to human civilization is incalculable. Thus, the printing was known as "the mother of civilization", which is more appropriate of all.

So, what is printed?

On the literal sense, there are signs that the Indian and rabbits that the brush. Brush rabbits with a result of traces of other objects, that the printing. In short, the printing is the production of the printing industry. Printing of the production, and similar seal. First engraved seals (version), after the chop (version), thick slice, then chop (version) on the transfer of pigment inpaper, silk, paper and printing of on top of print.

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