THIS SYSTEM IS BEING DEPRECATED! This system using Moin software will be decomissioned in May, 2019. All content must be migrated elsewhere, either to project websites, or to the Apache Confluence system.

This is the top-level (General) Apache Wiki. It is maintained by the entire Apache community. Each project Wiki listed below is managed by the respective project community.

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Welcome to the Apache Top-Level Wiki

UPDATE: The best place to find current technical information on Apache infrastructure, committers and PMCs, where to find source code / mailing lists / bugtrackers is the overview page.

Many Apache projects make use of per-project wikis for community support and for extra project information, in addition to their main project websites. This General Wiki is a top-level overview of other outdated wikis at the Apache Software Foundation. Most wikis here are going away in May 2019 - many will be migrated to Apache's Confluence wiki.

Per-Project Wikis

The ASF currently has two separate wiki instances: this one uses MoinMoin wikis being deprecataed, which a few projects use, and we also host a Confluence wiki installation that a number of other projects use.

Note that all official Apache project wikis are only served from either or from
If it's not at, it's not officially from the ASF.

Currently, we have the following per-project wikis (see also for more):

Per-Project Wikis in the Attic

The Apache Attic hosts information about projects that are no longer active. You can still download and use the code or information, but there is no active community to provide any support.

General Wiki Pages about the ASF

This General wiki is a place for putting snippets of documentation that apply to the ASF as a whole or to the corporate aspects of the Foundation. The goal is to migrate the useful information here - once it's stable - to the main Apache site (ie,, and ) periodically.

UPDATE: More current information can be found on the overview.

Committers on Apache projects are welcome to list their other (non-ASF) projects on ApacheCommittersExternalProjects. Committers should also consider adding themselves to the website as well.

Wiki admin requests

The Apache Infrastructure team administers all wikis on this site; you can contact them for help.

HowToBeWikiAdministrator is always wanted. Read about what you can do!!

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