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Benefits to the Apache Community


I'm interested in all these areas but I only expect to work on 1-2 of them depending on project priorities:

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Updating JSR-88 client: when deploying it indicates is option 'remote' specified and looks for option 'adminurl'( <protocol>://<server>:<port> ). The client uploads the application(ear-, war- or jar-file) to the server through the servlet on server side. It can upload to the "hot deploy" directory or in other case client says server what to deploy.

Creating a component that will watch a certain directory, initiate deployment( new appp ), redeployment( if u update the copy of app ), undeployment.

Creating Managament Console( using it u manage all Geronimo server installations, services such as security, database connections... ). It looks like desktop app or web app. Management Console allows u:

1. Start and stop server. Configure a server's connections. Configure logging and view logs. Configure resources active on the server.

2. Deploy, manage, update, and monitor your applications.

3. To manage and monitor connectivity between Geronimo Server and your database management system. Connectivity is usually established through connection pools.

4. Create and/or customize values for JMS servers, connection factories, destinations (physical queues and topics).

5. etc.

I only expect to work on some of them depending on project's time of delivery.

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