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This page is outdated, please see the current Apache CMS Reference Guide and FAQ instead.

CMS reference

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Content examples

The content structure is described in the CMS documentation, here are pointers to examples which can be used as starting points to create a new site. The basic Markdown syntax is described at http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/syntax .

Some questions have arisen regarding the syntax hilighter on code blocks. Basically the guessing algorithm isn't too great, so to give it help explicitly tell it which lexer to use from the list of short names here:

What you do is prefix your code/text block with an indented ":::shortname" or "#!shortname", where shortname is the name of the lexer to use. Often you want to use ":::text" just to tell the codehilighter to do nothing special to the block. The ":::shortname" variant will not supply line numbers whereas the "#!shortname" variant will.

Migrating from Confluence

Several conversion tools to assist with the migration have been written

In General, you'll need to convert your auto-export template, then have your site exported+converted, then setup path+view files, and finally tweak the converted site.

River has migrated from confluence, see:

ComDev is in the process of migrating from confluence, using the conversion utility. See https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/comdev/site/trunk for the new content

Aries is in the process of migrating from confluence, using the conversion utility as described above.


Frequently Asked Questions

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