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You will need membership in the jira-administrator group to add projects to ApacheJira.

  • Click the Administration menu option
  • Scheme - Create notification scheme: Foo notifications
    • All watchers
    • listserv email address
    • current reporter
    • current assignee
  • Users & Groups - Create group: foo-developers

  • Scheme - Create permission scheme: Foo permissions, Permissions based on foo-developers group
    • Group - Anyone: Browse Projects
    • Group - jira-users: Create Issues, Add Comments, Create Attachments
    • Group - foo-developers: Administer Projects, Edit Issues, Schedule Issues, Move Issues, Assign Issues, Assignable User, Resolve Issues, Modify Reporter, Close Issues, Delete Issues, Link Issues, View Voters and Watchers, Manager Watcher List
  • Projects - Add Project:
    • Name: Foo
    • Key: FOO
    • URL: if known
    • Lead developer: Person submitted request, or as indicated
    • Notification scheme: Foo notifications
    • Permission scheme: Foo permissions
  • Edit project:
    • Mail configuration: listserv email address
    • select category: if known
  • Users & Groups - User browser:

    • Find person submitting request, or as indicated, and make part of jira-administrators group
    • Make that person and whoever requested part of foo-developers
  • Close JIRA ticket with request explaining what you did
  • Make sure that jira <at> apache.org can send messages to your listserv email address and the messages don't get lost in moderation

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