Google Summer of Code 2010 : Proposal


Google Map Module and JavaScript-only PDF viewer component


Charitha Madusanka Elvitigala


Proposal Title:

Google Map Module and JavaScript-only PDF viewer component

Student Name:

Charitha Madusanka Elvitigala

Student E-mail:


Apache Tapestry

Project Assigned Mentor:

Thiago H. de Paula Figueiredo

Ulrich Stärk

Proposal Abstract:

Apache Tapestry is an open source java framework. Tapestry component make easer to developers creating dynamic, robust, highly scalable web applications in Java.Google Map component provides an interface to the Google map API with Tapestry5. PDF viewer component provide to Tapestry user view PDF document through the web browser. Both components are mainly based on Java Script.



Google Map component

This component provide users to a clickable map for entering latitude and longitude as well as it can add content to the map through a variety of services, allowing you to create robust maps applications on your T5 web application.

Google Map component can be used to create interactive maps with various map markers. I’m hoping to implement this module by using Tapestry5 Ajax package and Java Script (Tapestry5AndJavaScriptExplained) make an interaction with Google Map API.

JavaScript-only PDF viewer component

These components allow to viewing PDF file directly in web browser .Now look at my implementation of this component. One of the effective and powerful way to view PDF in web browser by using Java Script.

My implementation includes classes, object and method that enable you to easily manipulate PDF file, provide database connections and other use full things. To render PDF, I will do render the whole document at once and cache the pages, then contents shown to the user. Ajax is used to load the content asynchronously.

Project Plan

I have planned the project under 4 steps as follows

Step 1: Initial Planning and Designing

I will look at both Tapestry 5 framework Google map API then will create a basic design for Google map component. In PDF viewer component I will design all the Java Script classes, method and workflows.

Estimated Completion: 23ed May 2010

Step 2: Implementation

I would start working on the code. Deliverable(s): Prototype and documentation for mid evaluation

Estimated Completion: 11th July 2010

Step 3: Improvements and Testing

Modifications or improvements suggested at the mid evaluation would be completed in this step. Write unit tests for finished segments and Test Component.

Estimated Completion: 9th August 2010

Step 4: Final Product and Documents

With the completion of this step, will finish the Google Map Component and JavaScript-only PDF viewer component for T5. Necessary documents would also be present with the final products. Deliverable(s): Final products and documentation.


I am Charitha Madusaka Elvitigal 2rd year Computer Science undergraduate of University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC), Sri Lanka. I have been involved in Open Source development regarding Web Services based on Apache, java and Java Script.

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