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Project and Proposals

Idea: Implementing a 1-pass parallel compactor for DRLVM(harmony-gc-1)


Current GC implementation in DRLVM uses two parallel compactors for the compaction process: the LISP2-based sliding compactor and 2-pass parallel-move compactor. They need 3 heap passes and 2 heap passes respectively. The 1-pass compactor proposed in 1 seems a promising alternative; it achieves high scalability, high efficiency and almost perfect memory compaction.

The project aims at implementing this compactor in DRLVM GC and severing as the third choice for current compactors in the GC. The evaluation should be done to clarify:

The new compressors should contribute to the GC implementation in two ways:

The work is divided as several sub tasks:

The harmony community is very active now and I hope I can get guidelines and feedback from the community during the project.


Project TimePlan

About Me

I am a third year master student in Institute of Software, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, majoring in computer software and theory. The research area I have mainly focused on is service oriented computing, with developing experiences both on a SOAP processing engine and a service discovery system (The latter is available at<<BR>> I have several years of Java developing experiences and a good C programming capability. Actually the axis related projects hosted in gsoc is possibly a perfect match for my background, but I decided to choose the harmony gc project because I have great interest JVM implementation details and the gc implementation in particular.

  1. Haim Kermany, Erez Petrank: The Compressor: concurrent, incremental, and parallel compaction. PLDI 2006 (1)