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Tomcat Clustering Support for SingleSignOn

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Fabien Carrion, Lidsol, Mexico


I'm a student in the laboratory LIDSOL in the UNAM, Mexico City.

My opensource participation is composed of a Gaim plugin for the RVP protocol, a tomcat patch for the implementation of the servlet 2.5 specification and some tomcat documentations available on my personal website

I'd like to execute this project because I'll begin to be interested in the tomcat source code, 3 months ago, and I'd like to prolonge the experience with a new project.

Project Overview

The Bugzilla Issue 28039 patch provided for SingleSignOn on a cluster is not complete. The SSO is not transferred from one cluster node to another and all the code is in org.apache.catalina.authentificator, and should be with the cluster classes in org.apache.catalina.cluster.

I also would like to implement another way to communicate data between the tomcat nodes, based on JMS.

JMS is used to send data to a Destination. Nodes send sessions and orders to the others through a Topic, where every node is a publisher and a subscriber. This order can be : session replication, is alive and so on. We can then replicate the session in the JVM's memory in an asynchronous way. But the advantage is that the transportation code is outside of the tomcat code so we don't need IP multicasting or sockets anymore. Moreover we don't have the restriction that all the cluster nodes have to be on the same private network.


The project will be to provide a way to communicate the SSO data between the tomcat nodes, and some code reorganisation.

All the class concerning SingleSignOn will be integrated in the new package : org.apache.catalina.cluster.authenticator.

The user, authenticated once, will be authenticate on each cluster nodes.

All the class concerning JMS communication will be integrated in the new package : org.apache.catalina.cluster.jms.

The communication between cluster nodes will be made through a JMS server. All the specific code for nodes communication will be outside of the tomcat code.

Project Details

There already exists a way to communicate between cluster nodes SimpleTcpCluster.

There is four steps:

Code reorganisation :

Communication betweem cluster node :

The jms communication implementation needs the implementation of three interfaces :

Project Schedule

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