Volunteers needed for transcribing FeatherCast interviews

A frequently-requested addition to FeatherCast interviews, and one that pretty much any volunteer with a little time could do, is textual transcripts of the interviews. I know that this is time-consuming, and possibly tedious, but it's a huge win to have the text out there (indexable, searchable, accessible) rather than just the audio.

So if you are planning on listening to one of the interviews, and can spare the extra time to transcribe the audio, that would be a great help.

See http://feathercast.org/dls.html (half-way down the page) for a list of the episodes in download order - best to start with the most popular first.

Please create the transcription as a Wiki page, with the name FeatherCast<nn> where <nn> is the episode number.

In order to avoid possible duplication, you may wish to reserve the episode by creating a holding FeatherCast<nn> page with your Wikiname and date.

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