How to be a wiki administrator

So, you want to help out, eh? Good! We can use some help. Here's some things you could do:

Clean up the wikis

Revert wiki spam, clean out the sandbox, remove duplicated or obsolete data, set up redirects for pages that have been moved, fix broken links, etc. Change notifications for them ain wiki go to wikidiffs at apache dot-here org, which anyone can subscribe to by sending e-mail to wikidiffs-subscribe at apache dot-here org.

Maintain your project's wiki yourself

If you have apsite karma, you can edit the configuration of your project(s) wiki yourself, and even add new wikis. Just take a look at /www/ on minotaur (this machine).

Help other people set up wiki instances and change their configs

If you have apsite karma, you can subscribe to the infrastructure mailing list and help people who send in admin requests. There's no need to announce yourself or get karma or anything like that: when someone asks a question, you know the answer and you can fix it, just go ahead and do so.

Answer questions

Every now and then questions about our wiki(s) pop up on the infrastructure mailing list or on the wiki itself. If you know the answers, feel more than free to reply.

Maintain the master wiki farm configuration

The current wiki is maintained in SVN under infrastructure/apwiki. More TODOs are kept in jira:

If you want to help out with this, start by sending an email to the infrastructure mailing list.


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