Ke Qiang's Summer of Code 2008 Project Proposal




Ke Qiang Zhao


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Project Title


Project Detail

The goal of the project is to improve usability of Cayenne main modeling GUI tool, CayenneModeler.

Project Plan & Deliverables

1. Familiar with cayenne ( now - 05/01/2008)

2. Improvement on the GUI tool, CayenneModeler. (05/01/2008 - 08/01/2008)

3. Refactor code and test.(08/01/2008 - 09/01/2008)

Detailed plan and timeline may be added after further review on the project.


I am now a master candidate on Software Engineering in School of Software of Tsinghua University, China. I received my bachelor degree on Mechanics and Electronic Engineering in Xiamen University. I have an internship experience of six months in IBM China Develop Lab, taking part in a program leaded by a distinguished engineer, aimed to merge two popular software architectures, SOA and MDA.

Also, I developped from my interest a tool with SWing/AWT to integrate and expand various search engines. I have integrated Google, Baidu, etc. That means my GUI can accept universal query strings and search and crawl with several search engine to collect and analyze results. I plan to develop it further to add flavor filter in the search results, returning filtered results according to my own perferrences, which may make the tool somehow intelligent. The tool includes much effort on developing GUI with Swing, partly with AWT. Besides, I also participated in several projects since Sep. 2007.

My interests focus on MDA(Model-driven Architecture) and SOA(Service-Oriented Architecture).

I strongly believe that being a part of GSoC 2008 at Apache Foundation is a great way to really contribute to Open Source while being able to use technologies I am really interested in. I have benefitted much from ASF during my development and, it's time to do something for ASF.

Please don't hesitate to drop me an email for suggestions, clarity or whatever.


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