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   1 /************************************************
   2  * Resume (Curriculum Vitae)
   3  * To           : Google, China
   4  * last-update  : @ 2005-12-30 22:23:31 Sat.
   5 ************************************************/
   8 ////////////////////////////////////////
   9 // Summary
  10 Name
  11 	Luo Gang (Chinese, 24, male)
  12 Status
  13 	Graduate student of Computer Science, BeiHang University
  14 Mobile phone
  15 	(+86) 13810597567
  16 Email
  19 Qualification Summary
  20 	- Considerable knowledge about software engineering & design patterns
  21 	- Deep understanding of Computer Network, Computer Graphics, Complier Theory
  22 	- Be proficient in algorithm & programming (C++)
  23 	- Substantial experience of network management & developing web-applications
  24 	- Good at presentation, good sense of art
  25 Objective
  26 	Interns or part-time jobs refer to IT, especially to network/CG
  29 ////////////////////////////////////////
  30 // Personal Statement
  31 	<null of sepcial content>
  34 ////////////////////////////////////////
  35 // IT Expertise
  36 Software Engineering & design patterns
  37 	I've read the most famous books in these fields, Brooks' Man-month Myths & GoF's Design Patterns, carefully and applied patterns to two real projects.
  39 Computer Network
  40 	As my major, I have a good understanding of the network concept, topology, protocols, network simulation/emulation and management(DNS, mail server, router/switch).
  42 Computer Graphics
  43 	 I have developed a 3D game prototype which can operate models exported from a famous game, WarCraft III, by openGL last year. Then I take Visual Modeling as an elective course, and finally find that it's so interesting by reading papers about lumigraph, panoramic, environment matting, subsurface scattering and so on.
  45 Compiler Theory
  46 	I developed my first compiler, a subset of C, in 2002. As joined the VR laboratory, I developed a command line interpreter, just like a shell, to simulate the interface of the cisco-style router and define a specialized language to describe the network topology.
  48 Algorithm & Programming
  49 	Won the 6th place in countrywide Star of Baidu Algorithm Competition 2005.
  50 	Familiar with C/C++ Language. Also know much about Win32 SDK programming, Perl, AI, TCL/TK, XML, image process, VB.
  52 Solaris/Linux
  53 	Reluctant user since 2002. Though not expert, I have sufficient general knowledge to install, develop software, modify the kernel and add new system call, set up dns, mail server and cvs and so on.
  56 ////////////////////////////////////////
  57 // Professional Experience
  58 	- Recently, a 3D game engine is on the way, and I focus on the high level protocol based on UDP to simplify the real time communication and keep synchronization during the game players.
  59 	- Feb 2004 - now, The Key Laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology, Ministry of Education, BHU, working for the computer network topology & protocols for network simulation, based on HLA/RTI.
  60 	- Oct 2003£¬a software module for identifying Chinese characters from cars' number plates.
  61 	- Jul 2003 - Oct 2003, National Laboratory of Software Development Environment, achieve a network packets tracing and parsing program VividMonitor, and a dissertation refer to it, which title is "An Method of Network Bandwidth Measurement Using Statistical Parsing Method".
  62 	- Aug 2002 - Oct 2002, Develop the Lenovo(the biggest native IT company) Corporation's Management System of Workload independently£¨a MIS based on IIS, MS SQL Server£©, a mail sender is developed for sending reminding message, too.
  63 	- Feb. 2002 - Jul. 2002, Design and implement the General Compiler Component, which is a framework used for developing compiler like Yacc somewhat£¬ as the team leader.
  66 ////////////////////////////////////////
  67 // Biography
  68 	The biography of mine would only refer to my professional experience, which could be helpful to my application. If I have missed something you interested in, please let me know and I will supply more.
  70 	I am a Chinese graduate student, who has acquired a bachelor degree of Computer Science and Engineering in BeiHang University 2004, and is studying for a master degree of CS in BeiHang University presently, 24 years old. I am about the study of network topology.
  72 	When I was a boy, I really had been interested in computer technology. I developed my first useful program in 1995 for the school my father worked for. However, I don't have have a chance to learn C/C++ until 2000.
  73 	But now, the C/C++ is my favor of programming language, although I have learned more others (SQL, XML, JSP, VB, Java, TCL/TK, Perl) during part-time jobs.
  74 	I began to learn the Design Patterns(GoF) at 2001, and tried to apply what I had learned into practice. Soon, I designed and implemented a project, called General Compiler Component, to accelerate the development of Compilers as the team leader. It somewhat likes Yacc in functional aspect, but it had two important features, at least:
  75 	Firstly, in conceptual perspective, the semantic action functions were separated from the syntax expressions totally. By the way, XML is used to express the syntax in this project.
  76 	Secondly, the dynamic feature. This project enables the syntax and actions of a language or DFA being changed in runtime.
  77 	There are many materials, two English presentations, about this project available.
  79 	In 2002, I studied up on computer network, when I was at The National Laboratory of Software Develop Environment, BHU. As the result, I wrote a program called Vivid Monitor to parse the network packets for acquiring some performance parameters of a given network.
  80 	The following year, I joined the Virtual Reality Laboratory of BHU, Network Communication Group, for my undergraduate project, and was awarded the Excellent Thesis Prize for my work on network simulator/topology description later.
  81 	I stay at VR lab for CS master degree then. The group I am in is in charge of managing the network of our laboratory, which provide me a lots of opportunities to learn more about the network infrastructure, such as management knowledge of routers/switches, Mail Server & DNS.
  82 	I installed the CVS for my group in Oct. 2005, which confirmed me the importance of Software Config Management once again. During the past 5 months, I had a deep study about the algorithm, and won some algorithm competitions.
  84 	I am also familiar with open source projects, such as:
  85 	- NS2, the famous Network simulator of the project Vitual InetNet Testbed, supported by UC Berkerly, Bell lab, etc
  86 	- SimpleScale, a simulator of computer architecture
  87 	- Apache, the most successful web server in the world
  88 	- Redhat Linux, I supposed I need not explain more
  90 	Besides learning the university courses, I have studied and practiced programming, software design and software engineering deeply. I always keep in mind that I still have far more to learn than I already know, so I expect to improve myself and gain experience in interns and part-time jobs. My dream is to become a thinker and IT consultant likes Gerald M. Weinberg, whose thoughts affect thousands of people around the world.
  92 ////////////////////////////////////////
  93 // More Personal Details
  94 Date of Birth
  95 	16th, Oct. 1981
  96 Place of Birth
  97 	Xi'an, Shanxi Province, China
  98 Health
  99 	Excellent / 178cm / 69kg
 100 Leisure Interests
 101 	Basketball, Cyber-Game, Outdoor activities
 102 Mathematical Background
 103 	Win the first prize of National Mathematical Competition, 1999
 104 	Discrete Mathematics, Concrete Mathematics,
 105 	Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Planning,
 106 	Advanced Probability Theory, The Basic of Probability Theory,
 107 	Advanced Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Probability & Statistics
 108 P.O.Box
 109 	The Key laboratory of Virtual Reality Technology Ministry of Education
 110 	Ruxin Building, Room 101, P.O.Box 6863
 111 	School of Computer Science and Technology, BeiHang University(BUAA),
 112 	37 XueYuan Road, HaiDian District, Beijing, 100083, P.R.China
 115 ////////////////////////////////////////
 116 // Postscript
 117 Reference & demos
 118 	My biography and some demos refer to me are available at :
 120 	More will be furnished on request

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