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FOSS Code 2006 Proposal


Integrate LDAP Key Store support to WSS4J


Milinda Pathirage


milindalakm@yahoo.com, milindalakmal@cse.mrt.ac.lk

Project Title

Integrate LDAP Key Store support to WSS4J


Apache WSS4J is an implementation of the OASIS Web Services Security (WS-Security) from OASIS Web Services Security TC. WSS4J is a primarily a Java library that can be used to sign and verify SOAP Messages with WS-Security information. WSS4J will use Apache Axis and Apache XML-Security projects and will be interoperable with JAX-RPC based server/clients and .NET server/clients.

Current implementation of “org.apache.ws.security.components.crypto.Crypto“ interface which is “org.apache.ws.security.components.crypto.Merlin“,which only support for Java Key Store. And the users have to set up a java key store manually. Currently it don't support to extract information from LDAP Directory.

This project will mainly focus on implementing “org.apache.ws.security.components.crypto.Crypto“ interface to support, extract information from LDAP directory for WSS4J. This project will be to deliver implementation of Crypto interface which support LDAP key stores.

Benefits to the organization/community

This will be my initial contribution to Open Source community. I am willing to continue my contribution even after the FOSSCODE 2006. Also when I am doing this project, I hope to develop it with community support. I am willing to accept community feedback.


1. Implementation of Crypto interface which support extract infomation LDAP directory.

2. Unit tests.

3. Appropriate documentation to guarantee the continuation of the project.

Project schedule

Studying Required Technologies

Duration : 29th May 2006 – 3rd June 2006

Here I'll mainly focus on studying current implementation of “org.apache.ws.security.components.crypto.Crypto“ interface and LDAP.

Deciding the Process

Duration : 4th June 2006 – 6th June 2006

I'll decide what type of process suitable for implementing this project based on currently available Software Development Procees.


Duration : 7th June 2006 – 12th June 2006

Based on what I get from my previous work and studying required technologies I'll come up with suitable design for new Implemetation of “org.apache.ws.security.components.crypto.Crypto“ interface.


Duration : 13th June 2006 –9th July 2006

In the first phase I'll focus on basic things and in the second phase I'll complete the implementation concerning the community feedback.

Testing & Debugging

Duration : 10th July 2006 – 20th July 2006

Here I'll focus on performing Unit tests to validate my implementation.

Documentation & Completion

Duration : 21st July 2006 – 30th July 2006

I'll generate JavaDoc and prepare User Guide in this phase.


I am a student from the Computer Science & Engineering Department at University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. I am currently in Level 3. Currently I am developing full featured SQL Editor which supports Syntax Highlighting, Auto Completion and multiple DBM Systems, using Java Swing as my Level 3 Programming project. I had implemented syntax highlighting support and some parts of auto completion. I have some knowledge about LDAP, OpenLDAP and Web services. I am willing to study Java security support and, more on Web Service security. Also I am interested in working with Open Source community. Apart from the programming I am very much interested in Computer Graphics and Graphical User Interface designing.

Mentor Info

Mr. dims (Davanum Srinivas)

dims@yahoo.com , davanum@gmail.com





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