Google summer of code 2007 – Project proposal


jackrabbit-jcr-demo - JCR Demo Application based on Jackrabbit

Student Name

Nandana Mihindukulassoriya



nandana.cse (gTalk)



Priority list of features

  1. Adding and viewing text blog entries
  2. Adding image attachments to blog entries
  3. User management
  4. Adding Comments
  5. Adding ratings
  6. Comment Alerts
  7. Editable public pages ( like Wiki pages )


Development Schedule

April 9 - Finalize the design

April 30 - Finishing the frontend of the demo blog application

June 15 - Release of demo blog application with core functionalities

July 9 - Upload the code to for midterm evaluation

August 1 – Release of Demo blog application V 1.0 plus documentation

August 20 – Upload the code to for final evaluation

About me

Community Interaction