This is a draft for an "Open Source Policy" which might be adopted by a company or other organization and would govern how employees or members of the organization interact with and contribute to open source software. Original discussion took place on the Apache community mailing list:

This section contains the draft of the Policy itself.

Open Source Policy




Usage of OSS


Public discussion of OSS


Contributing to OSS

Company Products

List of company products which require <someone> sign off on inclusion of Open Source unless under these licenses <list permissive licenses>: ______________________________________

Open Source Licenses

List of licenses which require <someone> sign off on use anywhere: ______________________________________

Company patents

List of company patents: ______________________________________

Open Source Project Avoidance List

List of projects (or type of project) to avoid for specified reason: ______________________________________

Open Source Project Notification

Company email address to mail when contributing to a project (having checked above project-avoid list): ______________________________________

CCLA Aproval

Company email address to mail to get CCLAs signed: ______________________________________

This section provides draft material for an FAQ which would be published independently of the Policy.

Open Source Policy FAQ

Why should our organization adopt this policy?

Why use open source software?

This Policy does not advocate open source solutions over proprietary solutions -- it simply helps your organization to interact with open source software safely.

That said, it's quite possible that you are already using open source software. Ask your IT people.

Why contribute to open source software?

It's good for your organization:

It's good for your employees.

Use this section to record notes or to comment on other sections.


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