Who I am?

I am Pablo Henrique dos Reis. I'm currently in the 4th semester of the Information Systems undergratuate course at UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais), Belo Horizonte Brazil

Email: pablodosreis@gmail.com

My complete proposal


App Example

What is my proposal?

GSOC Proposal Title: [GSoC] create nifty components

Proposal Abstract: Create the components Tapestryh Drag and Drop Palette and SelectWithAutoComplete

My project Plan

  1. Create the DnDPalette. (April – 24th May) (April - 31th May)

  2. Create the !SelectWithAutocomplete (31th May – 30th July)

  3. Create the App example.(1th July – 16th July)

  4. Tests and improvements. (17th July - 8th August)

  5. Pencils Down (9th August 2010 )

  6. Delivery (30th August 2010)

Legend: underline -> delay

Code in Google Project Hosting


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