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Google Summer of Code proposal


User friendly UI for fileupload service of Roller blog server

Subject ID



Pavel Konnikov



Project title

User-friendly UI for file upload service of the Roller blog server.

Project description

Roller's users should be able to easily organize files and easily refer to them in their blog posts. The first requirement is to provide thumbnails for pictures and icons for uploaded files by mime-type. The second is to make it's simple to get links of the user's files and embed them in the blog messages and comments.

Project details

By following "File upload" link, user can see the "File management" page. Перейдя на вкладку «Загрузка файлов» пользователь увидит страницу «Управление файлами».

User can:

  • organize files by folders ( create new folder by clicking the "Create new folder" link, remove selected elements by clicking "Delete selected items" link on the pane (4))
  • navigate through the folders tree (1)
  • change thumbnail's size
  • to get info about current folder (size, amount of files in the folder, etc.), change folder's media-type (images, documents, music, etc.)
  • to get detailed information about selected file (3)


  • upload new files from the local disk by clicking the "Upload new file" icon


  • see notification about successfully uploaded file


  • user can fill podcast meta-info, if uploaded file has any "special" file type e.g. "podcast" or something else.


  • user can upload files from any external URL


  • while writing the new blog post, user can see the folders tree and can easily insert link to one of the files from this tree


  • or even img-tag, if it's a picture



  • svg and png UI model files
  • deploy-ready roller war-package
  • UML-diagrams of roller-photogallery project which describe the business logic, the project structure and the integration points with main roller code base
  • patch with all changes for the roller's trunk (diff)
  • standalone package with all developed artifacts (classes, templates, css-styles, images, etc.)
  • integration manual (or even integration script)
  • unit tests

Why do I want to take part in GSoC?

I am the second time gsocer and I want to fix some last year's mistakes.

I am proficient in Java programming, developing web-applications, UI design, domain analysis, organization of development process. Also I am highly interested in many other things that have direct connection to the real-world programming.

I think that by participating in GSoC 2008 I can contribute to the open source community and make use of my experience in the field of opensource programming.

Why Apache Software Foundation?

Working on Java technologies I discovered a lot of projects from ASF such as Tomcat and Geronimo, Maven2 and Apache Commons, Struts, FOP, Forrest, etc. and each of them is not just interesting, it is in great demand and what is not less important all ASF projects are high-quality products!

Therefore ASF projects for me are some kind of a model to follow and an indisputable authority in this field. I founded answers for many important questions in the source code of ASF projects. And then I discover any new technology, I always search for information about it on the apache.org, and it almost always helps me to get needed answers. And it’s great! ASF does a good job, which helps people all over the world to make decisions and to put it into practice every day.

Why roller-photogallery?

The most important part of the Roller-photogallery project in my opinion is the UI, and it's also one of my primary interests right now. So it was natural to try and apply my knowledge of UIs and my progamming experience to improve this project.

Why should you choose me?

I am confident that my skills would be useful for roller community. I will do my best to make high-quality project!

Time line

According to the GSoC timeline (http://code.google.com/opensource/gsoc/2008/faqs.html#0.1_timeline)

  • April 14 - May 26: I get familiar with Roller project structure and develop all requirements.
  • May 26 - July 7: Realize all fetures listed in requirements.
  • July 14 - August 11: write documentation, integration experiments, testing etc.

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