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 * Name: [wiki:Self:RadoslawZielinski Radosław Zieliński]  * Name: [[RadoslawZielinski|Radosław Zieliński]]
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I'm a CS undergraduate at the [http://www.pwsz.legnica.edu.pl/ Witelon University of Applied Sciences in Legnica], Poland. I'm a CS undergraduate at the [[http://www.pwsz.legnica.edu.pl/|Witelon University of Applied Sciences in Legnica]], Poland.
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 * Subject ID: [wiki:Self:SummerOfCode2006#spamassassin-httpd-spamd spamassassin-httpd-spamd]  * Subject ID: [[SummerOfCode2006#spamassassin-httpd-spamd|spamassassin-httpd-spamd]]
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 * connection persistence (if consensus in [http://issues.apache.org/SpamAssassin/show_bug.cgi?id=4550 bug 4550] is reached)  * connection persistence (if consensus in [[http://issues.apache.org/SpamAssassin/show_bug.cgi?id=4550|bug 4550]] is reached)
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~7 years as Linux user, including ~4 years as [http://pld-linux.org/ PLD Linux Distribution] developer ~7 years as Linux user, including ~4 years as [[http://pld-linux.org/|PLD Linux Distribution]] developer

Google Summer of Code 2006 proposal


I'm a CS undergraduate at the Witelon University of Applied Sciences in Legnica, Poland.



The aim of the project is to implement spamd on top of Apache, as a mod_perl module, reusing Apache features where possible; namely:

  • process management
  • IO handling
  • SSL
  • connection persistence (if consensus in bug 4550 is reached)

...and possibly others.


  1. Working replacement for spamd, as compatible as possible (excluding, for example, switching UIDs).
  2. Detailed documentation, including design overview, setup instructions and security discussion.
  3. Performance comparison against spamd.


Writing simple working implementation, testing with different MPMs, reviewing different virtual user concepts, designing configuration system, implementing it, considering possible extensibility requirements, implementing hooks. Review. Testing different setups, performance. Writing documentation.

Approximate schedule



Jun 02 - Jun 10

basic implementation, getting familiarity with SpamAssassin internals

Jun 11 - Jun 30

testing, designing and implementing detailed needs

Jul 01 - Jul 20

verification, further testing, bug fixing

Jul 21 - Jul 31

testing performance, starting work on documentation

Aug 01 - Aug 21

documentation, polishing

General experience


~6 years of experience as Perl programmer, fluency with C, intermediate level with C++ (including basic STL knowledge, but no other libraries), basic Python and PHP.


~7 years as Linux user, including ~4 years as PLD Linux Distribution developer (mostly dealing with Perl and its modules) and ~3 years as a system / network administrator (including mail server administration).


I've been using it since ca. 2002, have good understanding of mail processing problems (I wrote a MIME parser once), spam detection process and technologies involved.


Relational databases as designer and administrator (small and medium sized databases), experience with PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Decent Apache / mod_perl knowledge (however, very little experience with version 2.x as developer).

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