Convert Derby tests to JUnit and fix Derby bugs

Project Overview

The purpose of this project is to convert the Derby tests to JUnit tests and fix bugs in variety of components. For the purpose of defining the scope, I will focus on the JDBC, Network Client, Network Server and Tools components and I will broaden my area of work as the project goes on.

By providing JUnit testing for Derby, the process of writing tests speeds up while the quality of test increases. Moreover, JUnit tests check their own results and provide immediate feedback. In order to define the scope of this project, I decided to provide JUnit support for tests in tests/derbynet and tests/jdbcapi as named in [1]. The goal of adding JUnit functionality is for the Derby’s use of JUnit to fit the standard pattern. In addition, tests should be executable from an ant target and that Tests/Suites can be added into other project's test suites with no additional knowledge or requirements.

Project Plan

I have identified several key phases in the project. These phases would act as an escalation strategy and hopefully guide me to the successful completion of the project.

Phase 1: Initial Code Review

In this phase, I will review the components that I’m targeting for bug fixing. By this time, I will understand the implementation of targeting components and will identify related bugs.

* Estimated completion - June 15th

Phase 2: Fixing and Reporting Bugs

In this phase, I will complete the bug fixing for high priority listed issues. Meanwhile, I will focus on reporting new issues as well.

* Estimated completion - July 20th

Phase 3: Adding JUnit Functionality

In this phase, I will add the JUnit functionality to tests/derbynet and tests/jdbcapi. If time allows, I will also extend this functionality to LOB tests, SQL scripts and tests in tests/lang.

* Estimated completion - August 15th

Phase 4: Integration and Documentation

In this phase, the JUnit tests will be integrated to the Derby project. I will also complete the documentation by the end of this phase.

* Estimated completion - August 20th


I am a graduate student in the department of Computer Science at the University of Southern California (USC). I worked for Sun Microsystems for 2 years as a performance engineer and before that, I was an intern at NASA Ames Research Center where I assisted in developing code for structured grid applications.



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