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A patchy server


[DIFF] 13:57 [INFO] ShaneCurcuru Change to current year's date, link to lists.a.o
[DIFF] 13:53 [INFO] ShaneCurcuru Reorder, emphasize voting order
[DIFF] 13:48 [INFO] ShaneCurcuru See Instead: /foundation/governan ce
[DIFF] 23:28 [INFO] HerveBoutemy added link to announce of old SOnar instance closing
[DIFF] 10:03 [INFO] GavinMcDonald [1-2] #01 bold is beautiful
#02 clarify no more moin wikis being created currently
[DIFF] 08:10 [INFO] GavinMcDonald [1-2] #01 bold is beautiful
#02 add note that confluence is to be used for Jenkins docs going forward.
[DIFF] 17:12 [INFO] NickKew
[DIFF] 10:35 [INFO] SebastianBazley += NickKew
[DIFF] 18:28 [INFO] ShaneCurcuru Outdated; point to cmsref.html
[DIFF] 18:26 [INFO] ShaneCurcuru Outdated; point to cmsref.html
[DIFF] 18:12 [INFO] ShaneCurcuru Add useful links to /dev and projects.a.o

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