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lesles isn't moinmoin


[DIFF] 20:08 [INFO] SebastianBazley Fix up some incorrect links and note those that could not be found
[DELETED] 19:39 [INFO] SebastianBazley Not needed
[DIFF] 19:37 [INFO] SebastianBazley Renamed from 'http:/wiki.apache.o rg/general/HarshaHal gaswatta/GSoC2008Pro posal/rollerPhotoGal lery'. Drop unnecessary prefix
[DELETED] 19:32 [INFO] SebastianBazley Not needed for CWiki
[DELETED] 19:30 [INFO] SebastianBazley Not needed for CWiki
[DELETED] 22:15 [INFO] SebastianBazley Obsolete
[DELETED] 22:14 [INFO] SebastianBazley Obsolete
[DELETED] 22:08 [INFO] SebastianBazley Obsolete
[DELETED] 22:06 [INFO] SebastianBazley
[DIFF] 23:10 [INFO] ShaneCurcuru Point to new /governance/meetings page
[DIFF] 23:09 [INFO] ShaneCurcuru Point to new /governance/meetings page
[DIFF] 22:10 [INFO] HerveBoutemy added pointer to the new documentation on CWiki
[DIFF] 01:04 [INFO] SebastianBazley Fix freenode URL
[DIFF] 13:48 [INFO] ShaneCurcuru See Instead: /foundation/governan ce
[DIFF] 08:10 [INFO] GavinMcDonald [1-2] #01 bold is beautiful
#02 add note that confluence is to be used for Jenkins docs going forward.

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