Google Summer of Code proposal


Fourth version (accepted)


13 june 2005


Apache's lenya-search project

Intended audience

Current maintainers and potential mentor(s)


Robert Goene, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands


I am a Philosophy major at the University of Amsterdam and have several years of programming experience in professional surroundings, mostly in Microsoft related technologies.

I have been working with Lenya for a couple of months now and became a Lenya, Cocoon and Java enthousiast in a very short period.

Areas of interest include the practical uses and theoretical groundings of information systems in the broadest sense thinkable. An xml-based cms fits in perfectly.

Project Overview

Project description

Integrate the indexing process with the Lenya publishing usecases

Index the document when submitted or published

Remove the document from the index when deactivated

Document parser

Document boost

Nutch integration for external crawling

Schedule the nutch indexing task

Create Usecase for searching the current publication

Change the communiation of Lenya with Lucene

Replace custom Lucene search generator with Cocoon Search generator

Simplify the current search navigation component


Future consideration

These considerations are no formal requirements of this proposal, but are sidetracks that could play a role in future developments. By writing them down, they become part of the considerations for the current proposal without being a direct goal of the project as described above itself.

Add Lucene indexviewer

Jackrabbit and Lucene