Applicant Information

Name: Roland van Laar
Age: 20
Education: 2nd year physics and astrophysics at the university of Utrecht
Experience: Basic/Average Programming skills, understanding of XML, UNIX, tomcat and SVN. I have been employed as a Sys-Admin for 1,5 years

Project Information

Project Title: Apache Administrative Workflow

Subject ID: asf-workflow

Mentor: Dirk-Willem van Gulik

Project Overview



Project Details

Process Overview

Procedure 1 - CLA

Step 1: *
   A so called PMC chair can go to a website using a certificate/password and
   - search username or name
   if found goto A:

   if not found the PMC chair enters the users email address + a short message. 
   A tracking number is made.

Step 2: *
   email is send inviting the user to go to a URL, copy goes to PMC.

Step 3: *
   On a certain web site the user fills out some details for the CLA. 
   name, address, etc.

Step 4: *
   As a result of this he gets emailed a PDF with in
   it a form which has the above data already entered
   and contains a barcode and a tracking number.

Step 5:
   user signs this form with a pen.

Step 6:
   user faxes this pdf to an ASF (board) member, gives
   it to a board member or goes by snail mail.

Step 7: *
   board member checks fax, logs on to the site,
   with a certificate/password, enters the number
   of the FAQ, the date he recevied it. This
   is tracked.

Step 8: *
   The PMC chair gets a message that we have the
   paperwork for the user.

   goto A

Step 9: *
   the infrastructure PMC gets a message that the
   account can be added

Step 10:
   the board member mails by snail mail the message
   to the secretary.

Step 11: *
   secretary marks when received + filed (date
   etc). This is tracked as well.


Step 12: *
   PCM chair now goes to the website; enters the
   username and selects which SVN repository the
   user should get access to. In a field called
   'evidence' he cuts and paste the URL's or messageID
   of the relevant votes from the mailing list.

Step 13: *
   The PMC gets a message that the user is going
   to be added as having XS to these lists.

Step 14: *
   the infrastructure PMC gets a message that the
   account can be activated for such and such
   svn repository.

All Steps marked with * require software implementation.

Implementation Specification

  1. A portal needs to be build which handles secure authentication through passwords/certificates
    • Certificates can be handled by the browser, but requires a certificate download page
  2. The portal needs to have on a user basis the necessary links/input fields.
  3. A database which has the username,email and snailmail address etc. The relatively low amount
    • of information (per user) makes xml feasible.
  4. Be able to send out emails.
  5. Generate PDF from the users' xml input with a barcode.
  6. Be able to enable/disable SVN access I want to implement this using Java; deployed in tomcat. This creates the oppertunity to tie into other APS projects, such as Forrest/FOP for the creation of PDF. Furthermore a .war file is very easy to deploy. Tomcat over ssl also gives the oppertunity to use encryption. The usage of XML as database creates the oppertunity for export/import. This is usefull because in step one the PMC chair needs to check whether a user already exists, which requiers an import from existing data.

Project Schedule

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