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This page is for the recording of success stories within the ASF as part of the Google Summer of Code for 2008.

Apache Cayenne

Participation by Andrey Razumovsky who got a spot on the program almost by chance (only cause a project higher on the list got dropped), is a big success story. He worked on the Apache Cayenne project. He successfully completed his assignment improving CayenneModeler ORM tool, making a number of major improvements, resulting in a much more usable and user-friendly mapper application. He officially became a committer in September and is now working on the core framework modules. He is one of the most active Cayenne committers as of now.

Andrus Adamchik

Apache Harmony

{{{Harmony had two good students who sucessfully completed the programme.

András Belicza implemented policytool - the JDK's policy file creation and management tool and Tharindu Mathew made numerous bug fixes and enhancements in Harmony's Swing module.}}}

Sian January

Apache Ode

{{{I was mentoring Milinda Lakmal Pathirage (Ajax-based Monitoring Console for Apache ODE). His contribution had been committed to trunk in the meanwhile and will be part of the next release (hopefully mid November). Milinda has also been voted a committer in September.}}}

Tammo van Lessen

Apache Mahout

Mahout had two excellent students this year.  Both Robin Anil and Deneche Abdelhakim contributed code that has been committed to the project.  Robin helped improve our Naive Bayes, Hadoop-ready classifier as well as implemented a variation on it called a Complementary Naive Bayes classifier (CNB).  Furthermore, he also produced a nice example of using it on Wikipedia.  Deneche implemented some evolutionary programming support by making it easy to distribute a Watchmaker (a genetic programming engine) fitness function.   Both did a good job of working with the community as well, by answering questions and participating in the process.

Grant Ingersoll

Apache QPid

{{{On Qpid this year we had a very successful GSoC student, Lahiru Gunathilake, who developed a useful CLI tool for management of a Qpid Java broker. Lahiru worked very well with the Qpid dev team, engaging on the list and delivering a working component to the project.

Mentored by a triumvirate of Qpid developers, Lahiru kept in close contact with our team - providing bi-weekly status reports and ad hoc updates. Aidan Skinner did the majority of the mentoring for Lahiru, making a good job of helping & directing Lahiru. Lahiru got his committer rights for Qpid in September.}}}

Marnie McCormack

Apache Tuscany

Our student, Wojtek Janiszewski, created a new binding for Tuscany Java SCA to support CORBA as the protocol for component communications. It is a substantial contribution. He has done a great job to work in the open community and deliver high-quality code incrementally. Wojtek became a committer in July.

Raymond Feng

{{{Overall, in Tuscany, we had a great Summer of Code. We were able to bring to Tuscany integration with Google Services, Geronimo and Corba as mentioned by Raymond in this thread, we also had very good investigation about Tuscany in Google mobile Android platform.

Based on all good community participation and code contributions, GSoC so far have already produced 3 new Committers (Wojtek Janiszewski, Douglas Leite, Oscar Castaneda).}}}

Luciano Resende

Apache Xerces-J

{{{Xerces-J had one good student. Hiranya Jayathilaka successfully implemented support for XML Schema 1.1: Type Alternatives. }}}

Khaled Noaman

He also seemed interested in continuing to contribute to the project after GSoC ended.

Michael Glavassevich

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