Sonar Instance at Apache

A Sonar instance is now available at

To prevent opening MySql access to some others machines, Sonar builds are done on a local Jenkins instance at

2016-12-17 Breaking News

This requirement of separate Jenkins server is over: migration to starts

See details on users@infra.a.o and follow-up on

To add your project, you should create a Jira issue: (component: "Analysis") see sample:

The Jira entry must contain:

Sonar builds will run @daily and will be triggered only in case of scm changes.

A first Maven build will be executed to validate the project and compile sources for Findbugs analysis: mvn clean install -DskipTests.

The INFRA/Analysis jira is maintained by the BUILDS community and via the Mailing List at - you should ensure you are signed up. If a INFRA/Analysis jira has not been replied to within a few days feel free to ping the builds mailing list mentioning the Jira issue number. Remember that the builds mailing list and INFRA/Analysis jira are maintained by volunteers so do allow appropriate time for a response.

Should a response not be achieved on a INFRA/Analysis ticket or a mailing list email after 2 weeks, feel free to escalate the issue by sending an email to the infrastructure team with details of the INFRA ticket who will then follow up on the issue.