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Dear Successful Summer of Code Applicant,

Congratulations and welcome to the Apache Software Foundation community!

Before you start your project (and while the ASF are figuring out certain logistics) here are some links you ought visit as your next steps; [1] and [2]. These information sources ought answer a lot of FAQs about working with the ASF, and help you to get your working environment in place.

Please ensure you subscribe to the mailing list/lists for your associated ASF project, using [3]. You might also wish to start documenting your thoughts on your project using one of the ASF wikis [4] or project trackers [5].

Last, but by no means least, to ensure you can progress as fast as you'd like you really need to get you CLA in place, see [6]. This step can take some time (since it involved busy people) so please start this ASAP.

You will recieve updated logistical information from ASF in short order.


The ASF Community

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