This page is a work in progress and does not constitute a final proposal

The following table shows the currently proposed ideas for tme SummerOfCode2006. Please feel free to add new ideas and/or comments and votes to these.




Enhanced Felix logging bundle


Bringing together the best of tools like LOG4J, integrated as OSGi "enhanced log service" bundles and with compatibility for current org.osgi.service.log API. Our company's OSGi based project did some really really crude work in this area to meet our immediate needs which in no way would come up to scratch as a standard/generic implementation - but it showed to us that the scope and benefits are there.

OSGi remoting


Simple remoting and cross VM bridging of OSGi services using a lighweight, firewall friendly protocol e.g. Hessian/Burlap. There is already a possible submitter to Felix of an RMI based approach, so that may offer a starting codebase for this.

Felix / WebStart


Standardised Felx / WebStart layer, giving a very lightweight bootstrapping of Felix from a WebStart / JNLP launcher, with richer bundle sets and services then being managed through OSGi and OBR mechanisms.

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