harmony-demo-1 Test Documentation

The harmony-demo-1 project done for Google Summer of Code 2008 had the task of correcting issues that failed 104 tests in the Swing and AWT libraries. These tests are listed in TharinduMathew/GSoC2008/harmony-demo-1. In this document I will reflect on the changes I did to correct the functionality of these tests.

Raster Test

The raster test had a small issue in the GetPixels test. The array out of bouns exception was not thrown in this test because the Data Buffer size was too small. This was corrected by the patch I submitted by increasing the data buffer size from 5 to 6. The Raster class wasn't modified because it was behaving as it was expected to behave. A bigger Data buffer was needed for the exception to be thrown.

JCombo Box

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