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|| June 20 || First release ||
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|| June 15 || Second release ||
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|| August 20 || Final release ||

Summer of Code Proposal - Support for full text search in Cayenne

Subject ID

cayenne-search [http://wiki.apache.org/general/SummerOfCode2006#cayenne-search]


Support for full text search in Cayenne


Tomas Jucius



I am an undergraduate student in my final year of Bachelor Computer Science - Programming Technologies at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Lithuania. I am working as a programmer on java web-application development using tapestry, wicket(also jsf, jsp) frameworks and on desktop application development. At the moment I am developing content-collaboration-community system using tapestry and cayenne.

I am interested in this project because company I am working for is using [http://www.objectstyle.org/cayenne/ Cayenne] in several projects. I am looking for every new cayenne release and new features. I think than full text search using lucene search engine would be great feature for Cayenne ORM.


[http://www.objectstyle.org/cayenne/ Cayenne] is a powerful, full-featured Java Object Relational Mapping framework. The proposal is to implement a full text search support using lucene search engine.


Support for full text search in cayenne using lucene search engine. In-Memory object evaluation would become more sophisticated. More functionality available. Some of possible advantages suggested by lucene:

  • ranked searching -- best results returned first,
  • fielded searching (e.g., title, author, contents),
  • date-range searching,
  • multiple-index searching with merged results,
  • allows simultaneous update and searching.

Benefits for the Apache community

The Cayenne framework will support lucene full text search and other outgoing features. Framework will become more sophisticated.

Design / Approach

Integrating lucene search engine to cayenne framework. Some of possible advantages suggested by lucene:

  • ranked searching -- best results returned first
  • fielded searching (e.g., title, author, contents)
  • date-range searching
  • multiple-index searching with merged results
  • allows simultaneous update and searching and others...




May 23

Project commencement

May 24

Consideration of features to implement, Design

June 4

Implementing basic search capabilities

June 20

First release

June 27

More sopthisticated features

July 4

Going for holiday

July 10

Coming back

June 15

Second release

August 2


August 12


August 20

Final release

August 21

Project submission

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