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  • Q: So, is the UseMod Wiki going away?

    • A: Yes, it is likely that it will.

    Q: You're forcing us to migrate!?! We don't wanna!

    • A: Well, we're sorry about that. The ASF has certain requirements (a clear oversight trail, due diligence, etc etc) that are not met by the UseMod installation. Part of being a solid, legally defensible organisation includes taking care of things like this. The people working on this migration are doing everything they can to make it as simple as possible.

    Q: Why can only top-level projects get a wiki?

    • A: That's not really the case -- if a PMC requests multiple wiki instances, that's no big problem. It's all about being able to identify which PMC is assuming responsibility about something. But we won't set up wiki instances for subprojects without the relevant PMC signing off on it.

    Q: Can we put stuff on the 'general' wiki?

    • A: Since this page is on it, obviously its technically possible. But we will likely lock it down in the future. The infrastructure team doesn't feel much like watching over the contents of this wiki. So please don't use this wiki instance to hold 'actual' content.


  • Q: My links broke!

    • A: UseMod has some pretty complex rules for wiki linking that differ in many subtle ways from the MoinMoin way. We've tried hard to minimize the number of broken links by writing a smart migration tool, but its not perfect.

    Q: So what does this 'farm' setup look like?

    • A: Well, Jason Dillon and Leo Simons took the 1.1 version of MoinMoin and ran away with it. We wrote some scripts and hacked on the code so that it is real easy to have multiple wikis, sharing most of their configuration. Most of that material is stored inside infrastructure cvs. And no, we won't be making this a public ASF project, since MoinMoin is LGPL-licensed. We may be contributing some of it back to Moin though, if there's time and an itch.

    Q: Does Moin have version control?

    • A: Sort-of. Not to the extent of (for example) SubWiki, but it does have basic 'diff' functionality. Click on the eyeglasses in the top right corner of any page to see the changes made.

    Q: Can we do some manual modifications of the UseMod materials before importing it?

    • A: Yes. Take the materials inside the /www/wiki.apache.org/data/old/data/text directory on minotaur, extract the pages you want to keep, do whatever you want with them, then create a tarball of the modified data and store it publicly accessible on minotaur (like in your home directory as wikitext.tgz and a 664 permission). Contact infrastructure and ask them to replace the wiki text for your instance with the contents of that tarball.

    Q: Is it possible to "freeze" the UseMod pages?

    • A: Yes. We are probably going to do that sometime soon.

    Q: I want to write post some wiki data about project X, but there is no wiki for X. What do I do?

    • A: Contact the development team for project X and ask them to set up a wiki. They'll need to get signoff from the relevant PMC, and after that a wiki will be set up.

    Q: This Moin installation seems pretty fast for a Python CGI. Are you doing anything special to improve its performance?

    • A: Nope. We have speedy hardware (like fast disks :D), and a pretty decent apache httpd install (I assume :D)

      MoinMoin 1.2 brings a lot of performance improvements. It runs in mod_python, fast_cgi and twisted which give MoinMoin an approximatly same speedup. It uses caching now and some subsystems have be rewriten for better performance. Nevertheless you may want to wait 'til 1.2.1 is out. MoinMoin:FlorianFesti

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