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Outdated information

The UseMod installation has now been shut down, and most projects that were using it at all have migrated to this installation.


Please see the migration /FrequentlyAskedQuestions.


over the last few weeks we've been busy getting a shiny new MoinMoin-based wiki farm in place @ wiki.apache.org. This installation has been in place for a while now, and it is successfully running the wikis for Geronimo, the Incubator, James, Avalon and other projects. It offers quite a few features not available with the existing UseMod wiki, including:

  • per-project wikis. Each top-level project has or will get its own wiki; it is also possible for subprojects to get their own wiki if so desired by the relevant PMC;
  • 'commit messages'. Each change to a wiki is 'diff'ed and sent to a configurable mailing list address, just like with cvs;
  • look-and-feel. Not only is the default look-and-feel MoinMoin provides a big improvement over UseMod; it is also fully customizable on a per-wiki basis;

  • customizable. MoinMoin is written in Python, and several people are around who know how to customize it for our needs;

and more. Of these, the first two are really the main reason to move: they make it feasible for PMCs to ensure proper oversight of wiki content, and for other parties (like the board) to figure out who is responsible for that wiki's oversight**.

This is an open invitation to all projects that would like a MoinMoin wiki to be set up for them to contact us at infrastructure at apache dot org (please prefix the e-mail subject with '[wiki]', and make sure there's consensus among a project before migrating). In general, we'll create a wiki instance per top-level project, but if PMCs request it and agree to their oversight duties, we will create subproject wiki instances. We do have a very basic migration tool that can help convert existing UseMod wiki data automatically and add it to a MoinMoin installation (migrated data is at http://wiki.apache.org/old/ at the moment), and are otherwise available to lend a hand in getting things set up. Could you please post the migration tool? I'm trying to do a UseMod -> MoinMoin migration myself, and it would sure be helpful. - JohnMcDonnell

While I'm at it, this is also an open invitation to all interested people to step up and help out with wiki farm maintainance and the like.


- Leo Simons on behalf of the infrastructure team

** while, at the moment, there is no absolute requirement for any project to migrate any existing wiki to the MoinMoin installation, consider this a strong recommendation from the infrastructure team to do so, based on the reasons mentioned above...such a move will be requested of all projects at some point in the future.

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