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  '''A:''' File an Infra ticket or ask on #asfinfra if anyone is around who can. Basically though, in your $project.py config file:   '''A:''' File an INFRA JIRA ticket. Basically though, in your $project.py config file:
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  '''A:''' Ask Infra about disabling users.   '''A:''' Remove them from your wiki's ContributorsGroup. (If you don't use AdminGroup/ContributorsGroup, you should. To solve the immediate problem, Infra about disabling users.)
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  '''A:''' See http://www.apache.org/dev/reporting-issues.html#wiki   '''A:''' See http://www.apache.org/dev/infra-contact#what-we-need-to-know

Frequently Asked Questions about our wiki farm

  • Q: How do I edit pages?

    • A: Only registered users can edit. Click 'Login' at the top of any page to create a user profile or to login. Until you log in, all pages are marked as "Immutable".

    Q: How do I move pages?

    • A: In two steps:

    • Choose "Rename Page" from the "More Actions:" menu, select new name, comment about the change and click the "Rename" button.
    • Create a redirect page to the new name:
      • #redirect NewLocation
        This page has moved to NewLocation.

        (!) This version of moin does not update existing links to the page. If you want to update them manually, click on the page title to search for pages linking to this page.

    Q: The wiki change notifications are going to the wrong address. How do I change it?

    • A: File an INFRA JIRA ticket. Basically though, in your $project.py config file: change the line that reads something like

          mail_commit_address = 'commits@${wikiname}.apache.org'
      • and replace the e-mail address there with whatever it should be. Quotes and casing matter.

    Q: An undesirable user has registered and is spamming us. How to disable users?

    Q: How can certain URLs be blocked from being added?

    Q: What other methods are available to us to help the prevention of Spam on our wiki?

    • A: We use textchas and we can also implement further access controls to individual wikis as wanted. Note that each wiki operates independantly of each other and therefore each can have a different configuration. For more detailed information see the OurWikiFarm page. As always, ask infra for anything you are not sure about or to get something implemented.

    Q: How can I revert a page to a previous version?

    • A: Log in to the wiki, by clicking on the UserPreferences in the top right corner of the page. Then, go to the page you wish to revert. Click on Info, then click 'Show "Revision History"'. There is a revert action in the right column of that page. Pick the version and click on "revert". Be warned: there's no confirmation dialog; the change is applied immediately.

    Q: How do I request a new wiki instance or changes to an existing instance?

    Q: What if my question is not answered here?

    • A: Write an e-mail to infrastructure _at_ apache dot org. Prefix the subject with [wiki]. When you receive an answer (which might take a few days), please add the question and the answer to this page (if you are logged in, you should see an "edit this page" link at the bottom).

    Q: Where can I find more information, hints/tips about the ASF wiki farm instance?

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