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    * ''School'': [http://www.groept.be GROEP T Leuven Hogeschool], Belgium     * ''School'': [[http://www.groept.be|GROEP T Leuven Hogeschool]], Belgium

About Me

  • Name: Yenan Zhou

  • Nation: China

  • Age: 22

  • School: GROEP T Leuven Hogeschool, Belgium

  • Education: undergraduate, 4th year

  • Major: ICT (Information Communication Technology)

  • Skills related to this project: I have 4 year experience of Java programming, so I have good understanding about OOP and am familiar with substantial design patterns. I also spent significant time in Web Application programming in my spare time, using both Sun's J2EE and Tomcat. I am familiar with JSF library(currently mainly JSF 1.1) and know Struts syntax, and used to do application under integration of them. My knowledge about other helping tools could be also useful for this project like Ant, Maven, Eclipse.

  • Other skills in Programing: I am familiar with C++ syntax, c syntax and some of 8086 assembly. I worked for Philips for Digital Radio recently. While these skills may not be needed in this project, understanding how remote communication works and how infrastructural processes assemble the upper level system will do good to implementing this project.


  • Examples written particularly for JSF 1.2 features. They should be successfully built and deployed on Web Server. By implementing this project Apache can benefit from new featured examples for newly comming users, who can learn from the examples and hence better use the product of Apache.

Approach Proposals

  1. A WYSIWYG common drawing board. Everyone is able to draw what he/she likes on the board. The new drawing information is sent to server and decoded in server, hence represented to other web users. Mostly, I assume it's like a graphical wiki. (Personally, I think this idea is pretty interesting.)
  2. A banking system (The idea is too old, I know, but it's still popular)

Detailed Description

  • In the implementation, according to new features of JSF 1.2, I will try to consider the following issues:
  • Use XML Schema instead of DTD as config file
  • Cilent side state saving.
  • Construct custom UI from reusable UI components, due to JSF 1.2's improved flexibility of UI implementation.


  1. 24 June: Acceptance of Proposal
  2. 8 July: Prototyping of the project (This period I have personal things to deal with, so period seems to be long, anyway, later I will have full time due to holiday)
  3. 12 July: Database(or Date File in a specific format) design and construction
  4. 10 August: Finish of the project
  5. 1 September: Testing and other issue.

Background Information

  • JSF 1.2 is recommended to work with technologies at given version or higher as follows:
  • J2EE 1.4
  • JSP 2.1
  • Servlet 2.4
  • JSTL 1.1
  • J2EE 1.5

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