About Me


Approach Proposals

  1. A WYSIWYG common drawing board. Everyone is able to draw what he/she likes on the board. The new drawing information is sent to server and decoded in server, hence represented to other web users. Mostly, I assume it's like a graphical wiki. (Personally, I think this idea is pretty interesting.)
  2. A banking system (The idea is too old, I know, but it's still popular)

Detailed Description


  1. 24 June: Acceptance of Proposal
  2. 8 July: Prototyping of the project (This period I have personal things to deal with, so period seems to be long, anyway, later I will have full time due to holiday)
  3. 12 July: Database(or Date File in a specific format) design and construction
  4. 10 August: Finish of the project
  5. 1 September: Testing and other issue.

Background Information