What is Axis2/C?
Apache Axis2/C is a web services engine implemented in the C programming language based around the Axis2 architecture. Axis2/C can be used to provide and consume web services. It has been implemented with portablity and ability to embed in mind and could be used as a web services enabler in other software.

Can I use Axis2/C with C++?
Yes, just add the following code to your C source files and then use a C++ compiler. {{{#ifdef cplusplus extern "C"{ #endif #ifdef cplusplus } #endif}}}

Does Axis2/C support SSL?
Yes, Axis2/C supports SSL enabled servers. More information can be found in the documentation.

Does Axis2/C support Unicode?
Yes, Axis2/C uses libxml2 which does support Unicode.

Does Axis2/C support compression?
Axis2/C itself does not support compression. If you are using mod_axis2 and the Apache HTTP server, you can also use mod_deflate for compression. Also, you can do compression if you use libcurl as the http sender for the client.

Can I use session cookies with Axis2/C?
No, there is no support for session cookies in Axis2/C.

Can I use Axis2/C with a proxy?
Yes. This requires a few changes to the axis2.xml file. Information about this can be found in the documentation.

How do I turn off MTOM?
MTOM can be disabled by commenting out the following line from your axis2.xml. (<parameter name="enableMTOM" locked="false">true</parameter>)

How can I enable the Guththila parser?
In Windows you have to put the ENABLE_GUTHTHILA = 1 in the build/win32/configure.in file. In Linux you have to specify the configuration option –enable-guththila=yes. In a VC project this is little bit difficult. You have to add the guththila project to the existing Axis2/C solution. Then in the axis2_parser project, we have to remove the libxml wrapper files and add the guththila_wrapper files. Also in the axis2_parser project we have to change the include files and linker input files (libs) to corresponding guththila files (guththila.lib and guththila/include).

Does Axis2/C support code generation?
Yes, Axis2/C supports code generation with the WSDL2C tool. Information about this tool can be found in the documentation

How can I secure SOAP messages?
To secure SOAP messages, you need to engage Apache Rampart/C as a module, which can be downloaded from here. Please refer the installation guide and configuration guide for more details.

Why can't I run the samples?
This is usually because the AXIS2C_HOME environment variable is not set to the correct path. Make sure that it is set to your Axis2/C installation path.

How do I fix this "Unresolved external symbol" error?
Make sure that your AXIS2C_HOME/lib directory is added to your PATH variable.

libxml2 is installed but I get "libxml2 not found"
Make sure that you have installed the libxml2-dev packages.